29 January 2015

U900 - Walk Don't Run (Isogabamaware)

A dear old friend gave me this cd last weekend.

Cutesy covers by a girl singer playing ukulele. My friend knows my taste.

I've not heard of them before, but apparently this Japanese duo U900 were an Internet viral sensation in 2009 because of quirky videos like this.

U900 - Walk Don't Run (Isogabamaware)

The Teardrops

First post since 2008! And what prompted me to revive this blog?

My new year's resolution is to spend less, and that includes spending on music. Fortunately there is Spotify, whereabouts I discovered this stunner.

Previously all I knew of The Teardrops was the song Tears come Tumbling, a track from Where The Girls Are Vol 7.

I love this song's guitar which comes in from first 8 seconds onwards, which sounds like Beatles + Girl Group.

29 September 2008

Mod-ified Music Ep 18

My latest Mod-ified Music radio show (we're now onto episode 18!!) is available for download here. Among the thrilling songs played in this episode is TypeWriter's very Joe Meek-sounding "For Your Everything", with its Beatlesque chorus. Download the song here, and visit their MySpace!

And do check out Unpopular.Radio here.

25 September 2008


I've blogged about her before, but now I've finally got her cd. Mareva Galanter makes for addictive listening!

Mareva Galanter - Les Cornichons

Mareva on wikipedia, here.
There are several Mareva clips on Youtube. This is my favourite:

19 September 2008

The Vampires!

The Vampires were an all-girl group in the Singapore 60s music scene. According to the sleeve (paraphrased and roughly translated with assistance): this EP features Du Di Na on vocals, backed by The Vampires. Du Di Na joined The Vampires as singer 2 years prior to the release of this EP, and the group has won many fans among the young.

The Vampires - Han Yu Qu (Chilling Rain Song)

Interesting side note: the above picture was taken at Cavenagh Bridge, which is still standing in Singapore today.

06 September 2008

Easy Rider...

Because I can't read Chinese characters, when it comes to deciphering names of singers and song titles, I'm lost. Hence when picking my choice of blogging material, it's always easiest to stick to recognisable covers of pop songs, or at the very least, singers with English names. In this example, I don't know the singer's name, but this is too awesome a cover not to share! And check out that terrific sleeve art!

It Never Rains On Southern California

01 September 2008

Sweet Stevie Loraine!

I'm back after a long blogging hiatus. And with new music to share, as you've gathered from the recent posts (& more to come, I promise). I still love local Singapore 60s, and it's with great pleasure that I present one of my favourite buys of this year!

This is Stevie Loraine, backed by The Clansmen, comprising: Abdullah Abu (lead), Derrick Nunis (rhythm), Philip Monteiro (drums), and Raymond Lazaroo (bass). I'm guessing it was released (or purchased) in 1967, because that's scribbled in marker on my sleeve. Prior to this EP, Stevie Loraine recorded one backed by The Dukes, and you can view the sleeve here.

Stevie Loraine & The Clansmen - If You Always Say (EDIT: now a Box.net link)

Singapore 60's Pop Music Hall Of Fame is a recent blog, with lots of sleeve art and short writeups. Must-visit here!
Another single featuring The Clansmen, here.

Something Special!

Something special for the girl pop fans! A chirpy Dusty Springfield cover by the late Irish singer, Maisie McDaniel. I just found this vinyl yesterday, and it's a song I can't wait to share!

Maisie McDaniel - Something Special (EDIT: now a Box.net link)

Maisie McDaniel's orbituary write up, here.

30 August 2008

Go Go West!

A recent quirky local 60s find. This EP is best described on its sleeve as 4 "Country and Western numbers with the a-go-go beat". Says the sleeve:

"Rocky Wong, the 'Singapore Hill Billy Singer', also nicknamed as the 'Cowboy from Pasir Panjang Hills', and whose style of singing resembles that of Slim Whitman, is no stranger to the music scene. Rock had competed in the "All Malaya Amateur Talentime Competition" during the 1950s and had since then appeared in many variety shows, nite clubs, the British Forces, Radio and Television."

Rocky Wong & The Dick Day Group - I Remember You (EDIT: now a Box.net link)

16 August 2008

Eux Autres!

Eux Autres is a brother-sister duo, Nicholas and Heather Larimer, from Portland. If you're a fan of happy cheery 60's-inspired pop tunes in the vein of Saturday Looks Good To Me, you won't be disappointed. Their second full-length album, Cold City, was released in 2007. I just got my copy last week (ordered it from Darla.com!) and I'm excited about sharing this wonderful find!

Eux Autres - The Deadball Era (Megaupload link)

Eux Autres' official site, here.
Allmusic's review of Cold City, here.

Nicholas Larimer directed and animated this pretty video for 'Anne Boleyn':